Log Horizon 2 Episode #14

Hey guys and girls, guess who’s back? It’s Kanami and she’s going eastward together with her friends!

Let’s see, her party has a maid/farming bot Coppelia, a TMNT cosplayer (Well, he barely resembled Leonardo…), and I believe that she has one of the famous heroes named Elias Hackblade. I have to say, Kanami’s party got some interesting members!

Oh yeah, and Kanami and her party have encountered monsters that are far dangerous than Enheart Nelreth. Called Geniuses, these types of monsters appeared after the Apocalypse and the reason for being dangerous is they can use skills and abilities that are far beyond Elder Tale’s scope of rules.

In fact, one Genius named Rasphuia can put a status bar on a lesser monster and place it on top of her own just like Enheart Nelreth. Speaking of putting a monster’s status bar, there’s no explanation on why lander can have that and became plague demons or so I believe.

Also, they can overpower the likes of Elias Hackblade since they’re responsible for killing most of the ancient heroes. But regardless, Kanami and her ragtag crew have defeated both Rasphuia and Papus and their journey towards Yamato continues…

Speaking of Yamato, looks like a war is brewing over the horizon as Plant Hwyaden are preparing for an invasion towards Eastal.

Oh yeah, and they have a levitating iron train to transport their troops which you should be scared by now!

Anyways, onto the next episode! Of course, I wish there’s more Kanami and her adventures instead of having a single episode dedicated to her…

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