Aldnoah.Zero Episode #13

That familiar orange Kataphrakt… Could it be?

Well guys and girls, Aldnoah.Zero has returned for the second half as it’s not takes place 19 months after storming Count Saazbaum’s floating castle!

Unfortunately, things got worse between Earth and the Vers Empire as the war continues…

So, let’s get down to business as Inaho survived from that gunshot wound inflicted by Slaine Troyard. Sporting a bionic eye on his left, he’s back in business to hunt down the enemy while putting that stoic face of his!

Of course, his miraculous survival didn’t just happen out of thin air as he drank a spatter of Princess Asseylum’s royal blood, which is now flowing through his veins and thus he can activate Deucalion thanks to it.

What can I say, that was a surprising turn of events. Good job writing this, Gen Urobuchi!

Speaking of Slaine Troyard, he became an Orbital Knight and it seems that he spared Count Saazbaum after being sprayed with bullets out of rage. Gee Slaine, you’re a terrible shooter!

Oh yeah, and it was also revealed that Slaine saved Princess Asseylum, which he convinced her that the Terrans are bad and they need to be punished!

Just kidding, it was all just a ploy by Slaine and Saazbaum to rally up the troops. So, they asked Princess Lemrina to disguised herself as Princess Asseylum for their propaganda machine.

Unfortunately, Inaho somewhat saw right though her disguise as he point out that she got it wrong on how the blue sky works. Now then, I wonder where the real princess is?

Turns out that the real Princess Asseylum was kept on the moon and went into a medically-induced coma. While I’m happy that she’s alive, Princess Asseylum is unaware of what’s happening outside. Blame Slaine for that after you woke up!

Well then, tune in next week for more Aldnoah.Zero. Of course, be prepared for more suffering as the second half is more than just a clusterfuck of events made by Urobuchi!

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