Koufuku Graffiti Episode #01

This is Koufuku Graffiti in a nutshell as Akiyuki Shinbo directs another Manga Time Kirara title. This time, it looks normal compared to Hidamari Sketch.

But as you can see from those pictures, it’s all about food and its reactions! Can’t you see how happy she is?

Anyways, the story itself is simple since it’s a Houbunsha manga title. Now then, it tells a story of Ryou Machiko as she lives alone after her grandmother’s passing. However, Ryou’s cooking is terrible compared to her grandma that she might become a terrible wife in the future. But that’s when Kirin Morino entered to Ryou’s life as she stays to her apartment during the weekends.

In there, Ryou realized that her cooking is good when you have a companion eating together. Hence, having those orgasmic moments when she and her cousin Kirin eat delicious food!

With that said, we’ll see more of her cooking on the next episode. Since Kirin is not always there most of the time, maybe one of Ryou’s classmates would join her and taste one of Machiko’s homemade meals!

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1 Response to Koufuku Graffiti Episode #01

  1. mochirochi says:

    If I just watched this without knowing who is making it, I would never have guessed that it’s a Shaft anime. It seems so normal compared to the other works I’ve seen from them. That being said, I still enjoyed Koufuku Graffiti and love all of the different food porn that we’re getting.

    I was a bit nervous about the reaction shots, but they also seem quite tame so it’s good.

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