Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #02


This is Life Sexy and he’s the judge of the Severance Court. Together with prosecutor Life Cool and defense attorney Life Beauty, they handed down sentence to bears. However, it’s mostly biased towards Life Beauty as in his defense, both Lulu Yurigasaki and Ginko Yurishiro acted on their natural instincts and their consumption of humans is justified.

But why this show needed a court anyway where bears can eat humans instinctively, not to mention having it reserved to both Lulu and Ginko when they could just pick other bears for trial?

Speaking of bears, Arashigaoka Academy got more of that in the form of Konomi Yurikawa and Mitsuko Yurizono, so it’s not just Lulu and Ginko disguising themselves as humans just to eat delicious girls!

Sure that both Konomi and Mitsuko are making out in the hallway (and it’s so damn hot to be honest), but unfortunately Mitsuko killed Konomi as both of them are interested in Kureha Tsubaki. It’s funny that most of the girls (or bears) out there are interested in Kureha, yet she was spared thanks to the Severance Court unlike her old flame Sumika.

But with that said, it’s gonna be a mind screw later on as girls from Arashigaoka Academy are waiting for their chance to pounce on Kureha and eat her lilies!

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