Parasyte -the maxim- Episode #14

Oh look, Mamoru Uda and Jaw has returned and they’re gonna help Shinichi and Migi on tracking down Tamura’s private investigator Mr. Shirou Kuramori. If they’re lucky, they might spare him!

So with that said, both Uda-san and Izumi-kun proceed with their plan on kidnapping Kuramori-san…

…to keep his mouth shut over the parasites, right after telling them about Reiko Tamura. C’mon, that private investigator has a family and having Kuramori-san killed off by Migi and Jaw is not a good idea!

See, they almost turned that guy into mincemeat should he convince Shinichi to become a lab rat for the government. But with that said, Shirou Kuramori’s life is spared.

Now that Shinichi knows that Tamura-san is behind it, Izumi-kun heads off to find her.

But it seems that he won’t need to find her as Reiko Tamura called Shinichi Izumi to meet at a university. Of course, it’s a bad idea for Izumi-kun to fight Tamura-san when she can use her baby as a shield.

Speaking of Izumi-kun, he’s starting to lose what’s left of his humanity. On one hand, Migi is starting to understand human nature as it tells Shinichi to calm down and have some restraint, although Migi won’t develop a level of compassion just yet.

But thanks to Migi’s intervention, Shinichi didn’t become a monster and ran away from Reiko Tamura. Let’s face it, had Migi failed to stop Shinichi, he would become a dangerous criminal by killing Tamura-san, her baby, and even some witnesses at the campus.

Anyways, onto next week then…

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