Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Episode #01

Here’s the proper premiere to this light novel adaptation by A-1 Pictures where you have the main guy planning to make a visual novel after encountering a girl that will become the female protagonist.

But wait a second, where’s the would-be female protagonist anyway?

Well if you look at Tomoya Aki’s back, you’ll see that girl that’ll become the main heroine. Unfortunately, she look so plain that she’s out-of-focus!

Oh yeah, and here’s the close-up for this “boring” heroine named Megumi Kato. She’s so plain that I questioned why Tomoya pick this girl up?

I mean, he could pick Eriri Spencer Sawamura due to her twin-tails and tsundere personality. Nice using those twin-tails as a whip just like Michiru Matsushima from the Grisaia trilogy!

Unfortunately, Tomoya would pick her as a character designer as Eriri is actually a doujin artist… of the erotic kind.

Well if that’s the case, how about Utaha Kasumigaoka? I mean, she has a great figure and she’s smart as well!

But then again, Tomoya would pick her up as a scenario writer as she’s an accomplished novelist from Fujimi Shobo Fushikawa Shoten.

In any case, I have to say that watching Saekano is like playing a visual novel, filled with tropes that can pander to every otaku. There’s so much meta shown on this series that having the male protagonist use those tropes for this visual novel (based on a boring heroine) is perplexing! Man, I feel like I’m seeing those “YO DAWG” memes scattering across the web.

Other than the story (which will subvert those tropes later on I hope…), the visuals reminds me of OreShura since director Kanta Kamei is helming this Fujimi Shobo light novel adaptation. Of course, one thing that bothers me is why the colored outlines for some of the characters? While OreShura rarely displays some of it, but seeing Tomoya and Eriri having orange outlines is distracting in the eye in my opinion.

With that said, I hope that next week would get better!

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