Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode #13

Well, it’s now or never as Kousei Arima takes the stage just to buy some time for Kaori’s arrival!

Of course, Kousei’s friends and his mentor Hiroko Seto are nervous in regards to his performance…

But anyways, he played Fritz Kreisler’s Liebesleid and although it was shaky at first, Arima-kun made a fantastic performance that it’s not only soothing, but it’s dedicated to Saki Arima as Kousei wanted to move on from his mothers’s passing.

Sure that Saki Arima became strict as she’s running out of time due to sickness, but Kousei remembered the good times he spent with his mother.

I have to say that sending a parting gift to Arima-kun’s late mother with a piano performance is so heart-warming that I cried upon seeing it!

But with that said, he finished his performance on a higher note and I’m sure Kousei touched everyone’s hearts, including Kaori Miyazono. Unfortunately, Kaori didn’t come on the last minute.

So with that said, Kousei Arima has moved past his first hurdle by saying farewell to his late mother with a stunning performance, his greatest obstacle has begun as he’ll have to deal with Miyazono’s failing health.

As predicted, she got collapsed again and I’m worried that Kaori-chan won’t last long. As always, next week’s episode and afterwards will be a roller-coaster ride for Arima-kun! I’m hoping that he won’t break down again…

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