SHIROBAKO Episode #14

Here’s Shizuka Sakaki trying her best to land a role to Musashino Animation’s next project. While she give her all on the audition, seems that she was not selected once again despite having the confidence unlike the last time.

Of course, despite her stellar performance during the audition, Zuka-chan will have to get past these guys. You see, even though the sound director and the chief director has the final call, there are some people who select voice actors/actresses based on popularity, singing talent, and appearance. Nowadays, there are some voice actors/actresses like Nana Mizuki can have all three aspects of it.

In any case, this is the most interesting thing ever happened in SHIROBAKO as chaotic politics plays the role selecting voice actors/actresses. So even though you showed your best at the auditions, you’ll get snubbed because you either don’t have good looks nor having good singing talent, apart from being a newbie of course.

Meanwhile, MusAni has a new production assistant named Daisuke Hiraoka and he has experience under his belt, so he’s pretty much capable of sorting things out unlike Tarou Takanashi.

However, Daisuke is a jerk and he’s somewhat a narcissist, so it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to work with him in the future!

And finally, there’s good news on this episode as Midori Imai has landed a job at MusAni as a setting researcher for the upcoming anime adaptation of Third Aerial Squad Girls.

While she secretly helped Oi-chan-sempai during the production of Exodus!, this is the first time that she’ll be helping the production staff in the flesh. Heck, this career might jump-start her script-writing career!

Anyways, looks like the Animation Club girls are getting together for MusAni’s next anime project. Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that Misa Toudou has landed a new job. This time, she’s doing airplanes for Third Aerial Squad Girls. Now then, if only there’s a miracle for Shizuka Sakaki…

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