Winter 2014: The rest of the field…

Just to remind you that Sailor Moon Crystal has ended its Dark Kingdom story arc. I have to say that I’m disappointed not just because of those off-model moments, but the fact that some characters like Queen Beryl’s Four Heavenly Kings didn’t get any development unlike the 1992 anime series.

Of course, given that Toei Animation is closely adapting the manga, I wish they would do it decently. Let’s hope that the Black Moon arc would have a saving grace for Sailor Moon Crystal. And by the way, it’ll be aired in Japanese TV beginning in Spring so I’m hoping that they’ll have decent-quality animation.

01. Gundam Reconguista in G

Let’s start right away with G-Reco as there is some major development happened on the second half. One, seems that Raraiya Monday (or Akuparl) got her memories back and she’s part of a faction that opposes Noutu Dorette, which I suspect him on running Towasanga behind the scenes and he’s responsible for usurping the previous government. By the way, Raraiya is now piloting a customized Moran that’s three times faster.

Also, another major development happened in G-Reco is that both Bellri Zenam and Aida Surugan are actually siblings. Not just siblings, but they’re part of Rayhunton royalty which is why both Bellri and Aida can only pilot the YG-111 G-Self.

But with that said, this revelation affects both Aida and Bellri greatly. However, it’s the latter that got it most as Bellri became angry and confused on fighting his own people. I’m hoping that he gets better after his hissy fit!

02. Maria the Virgin Witch

Next up is a Kodansha manga adaptation by Production I.G where it’s a spin on the Hundred Years’ War story. While the female protagonist is not a knight like Jeanne d’Arc, Maria is a witch as she intervene battles so that no lives are perished.

The presentation of this series is decent as it captures the feel of the Hundred Years’ War. I also like the characters not just in design which slightly resembled Nanatsu no Taizai from my observation, but I like the personality of it. Seeing Maria interacting with her succubus companion Artemis is funny, yet likable at the same time!

However, I’m worried about the progression of this series as Maria might end up being burned at the stake, which is worse for that young lass as being a witch is considered the work of the devil. After all, Maria the Virgin Witch takes places during the Middle Ages!

03. Unlimited Fafnir

Here’s a Kodansha light novel adaptation by Diomedea where the story is about dragons invading the world and only the D girls can stop its menace. Of course, there’s a single male D in existence in the form of Yuu Mononobe, a former NIFL soldier who was invited to join Midgar Academy for his D power training.

As you can see from the summary, the plot of Unlimited Fafnir has elements of both Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance and Infinite Stratos. Oh, and let’s add Black Bullet to that as Ds, while having human rights unlike the Cursed Children, can become dragons should they get attracted by the same dragon type.

I have to say that even though Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is voicing another male protagonist on this show, Unlimited Fafnir is so generic that it felt so boring to watch.


This is by far the most interesting anime series coming from WIT Studio (Makers of Shingeki no Kyojin) where it’s so highly stylish that it reminds me of Kill la Kill! In any case, this show has cute girls supporting a prophet called Best as part of the Rest, and I’m expecting a Kino’s Journey vibe as they travel across Japan and mediate battles there.

Apart from having spectacular animation, the plot itself is not yet set into place judging from the first episode alone. But, I’m hoping that WIT Studio would move the story up to speed on the next episode as THE ROLLING GIRLS has the potential to be great.

By the way, this is the second time that Ari Ozawa landed her role as the main protagonist, where she previously voiced Chiyo Sakura from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Good for her!

05. Gundam Build Fighters Try

Finally, here’s GBF Try as the nationals is now in full-swing. While both Yuuma Kousaka and Fumina Hoshino were trained by both Master Kawaguchis, Sekai Kamiki can now repair his own Gunpla thanks to Shia Kijima. Of course, he’ll eventually face off against Shia as she’s part of Gunpla Academy, together with her brother Wilfrid and Adou Saga.

Apart from their training, Team Try Fighters have upgraded their Gunpla so it’s pretty much balanced by the looks of it. But with that said, I wish them good luck on the nationals as they’ll face new challenges along the way!

On another note, I have a feeling that there won’t be any cameo appearance coming from either Gundam AGE (except for the rumored Vagan Gear) or Gundam Reconguista in G.

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post with a lovely picture of ChibiUsa’s introduction… as she point a gun at Usagi’s forehead. Woah ChibiUsa, you’re packing heat there!

One last thing, I’ve decided to put Shinmai Maou no Testament on hold until those Blu-ray versions are released. This is the second time that I stop covering an anime series after one or two posts, the first one being the first season of Durarara!!.

Sad to say that there’s so much censorship on Testament that it’s borderline hentai like Dragonar Academy, although Dragonar Academy aired it uncensored during its Satellite TV run (NOTE: Regret, didn’t blog because of Takehito Koyasu), so therefore I couldn’t take it anymore and I stopped blogging the series.

Of course, I might blog the director’s cut edition of Shinmai Maou no Testament in the future as well as the OVA!

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