Aldnoah.Zero Episode #14

Here’s Rayregalia Vers Rayvers, and he won’t last long as this emperor was kept in the dark by Count Saazbaum.

On the other hand, I’m sure Emperor Rayregalia doesn’t know about Princess Lemrina, where she’s now playing the role as Princess Asseylum.

Oh yeah, here’s Inko Amifumi where she wants to spend time with Inaho, only to get shot down by him and walk away.

Also Inaho, it’s rude to tell Inko that she’s getting fat due to stress! Bad call there, Mr. Orange!

Lastly, here’s Slaine getting a kiss from Princess Lemrina, thus having the rights to use Aldnoah Technology like his Kataphrakt Tharsis.

Of course, Slaine’s heart still belongs to Asseylum, which is bad ’cause Lemrina might kill her by stopping its life support. Well Sir Troyard, hope you like seeing Lemrina offing her half-sister like a yandere girl!

Anyways, let’s end this post with a nice encounter between Slaine and Inaho. And I have to say that they’re evenly-matched during the battle!

With Inaho processing precise calculations on hitting the target thanks to his left eye, and Slaine using his Aldnoah powers to predict its attacks and dodge it like a Newtype, there’s no clear indication on who has the upper hand.

Although I’m still rooting for Inaho-kun because Slaine is an asshole just like Saazbaum!

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