Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo Episode #15

This is Princess Salamandinay, or I’ll just gonna call her Sala-sama like in previous episodes.

With that said, it was revealed that Ange, Tusk, and Vivian have traveled a parallel universe, or should I say the original Earth.

Oh yeah, and this is where Sala-sama told Ange that the reason why they, the DRAGONs, wage war against her people is because Embryo captured Aura, one of the most powerful DRAGON inhabited on the original Earth.

So as you can see here on this picture, this is what I’m talking about. However, this is just a hologram of Aura since it was used to channel out Mana across Embryo’s Earth. Speaking of holograms, I wonder if Embryo is actually dead all along? The possibility are endless for Fukuda’s show!

Even though Sala told Ange about it, she call it as nothing but bullshit since Ange is pissed regarding Sala’s invasion at Arzenal.

And so, Sala restrained Ange until she’s knocked out! Good thing Ange’s life was spared after being slammed towards the floor.

See, Ange is fine! At least the local nurse treated her instead of poisoning that former princess.

By the way, Vivian has returned to her human form. Not only that, but she finally met her long-lost mother. That’s great news, but what about Tusk?

Oh, looks like he was being toyed by the girls. I wonder if someone lick his penis already?

I guess it’s not as Ange just made an accidental fellatio onto Tusk’s dick. Way to go Tusk, now you’re two bases away towards adulthood!

With that said, I think they’ll stay a bit longer on the next episode. And BTW, nice job on inserting those shameless sexual jokes, Fukuda! Next time, make a hentai OVA for goodness sake!

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