Absolute Duo Episode #03

This week’s episode is where Duos face each other in another battle royale.

Oh yeah, please enjoy seeing those students crossing Blazes and parrying it until one is knocked down on their feet!

Oh look, it’s Miyabi Hotaka being piggy-backed by Tohru-kun. How sweet he is after training his ass off to get stronger!

Too bad though as Miyabi will have to fight against Tohru and Yulie…

…as she wields a big freakin’ lance. Unfortunately, Miyabi can’t hold it much longer and therefore she gives up!

Sorry Tomoe Tachibana, but Miyabi doesn’t have to stamina to beat Thor and Yulie down!

With that said, it’s time to face Tora and Tatsu next…

But then they were attacked by Tsukimi-sensei, who wants to kill a student with her Blaze!

Headmistress Tsukumo, why did you hire Usa-sensei in Kouryou Academy anyway? You should at least give her a background check, or you just wanna see students being helpless and beaten to death!

Anyways, Tohru and Yulie beat Rito Tsukimi by destroying her Blaze using Thor’s Imagine Breaker-like right hand, causing Usa-sensei so much pain that she’s inching closer to death. By the way, Blaze are linked to someone’s soul and if your Blaze is shattered to pieces, you’ll get hurt pretty bad!

So with that, another battle royale has ended. While Tohru was victorious on that day, it seems that his strength wasn’t enough to carry out his revenge!

Speaking of revenge, seems that Yulie has that too. I guess their partnership is bound by fate!

Now then, I wonder if that Otoha guy killed Yulie’s father apart from Tohru’s family? I mean, Yulie has that scar that looks similar to Thor’s sister/childhood friend.

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