Durarara!!×2 Episode #02

This is Max Sandshelt (or Max Sandshield) and he’s the manager of Shizuo’s quiet brother Kasuka, also known as Yuhei Hanejima.

Anyway, Max is on a hunt for Celty as he wanted the headless rider to become a star. And thus, he’s rewarding 10 million yen on her capture.

Likewise, Celty doesn’t want more attention, and also she wanted to find her monthly salary in order to buy Shinra a present.

While Celty plans to hide in her shadow ball together with Shinra, she later changed her mind as Celty wanted her monthly pay back (as well as having her breasts fondled by her future husband). As for Shinra, he was taken by the Russian Mafia unfortunately enough!

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced. This is Aoba Kuronuma and he knows that Mikado Ryuugamine is part of Dollars, right off the bat on this first day at Raira Academy.

While Mikado-kun is keeping it a secret, I’m sure that Aoba won’t forget that day when he trumped Namie Yagiri on the first season.

Of course, Aoba’s introduction was nothing compared to Izaya’s twin sisters: Kururi and Mairu.

Previously featured back in Episode 25 of the first season, these two are similar to Izaya when it comes to trolling people. Also, don’t try bullying them or you’ll be fuckin’ humiliated!

Next week, I’m hoping that Shinra-kun is okay… Maybe we should call Simon Brezhnev for help!

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