Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #03

This is Yuri-ka (or Eureka) Hakonaka, and she’s a long-time friend of Kureha’s mother Reia. Sadly for Reia, she was passed away before this series began.

On the other hand, I’m speculating that Yuri-ka ate her best friend. After all, most of the characters appeared on this series have “Yuri” somewhere on their name.

Meanwhile, Mitsuko Yurizono is making her move. By the way, this character named Eriko Oniyama will be eaten later. Of course, Mitsuko won’t eat Oniyama-san afterwards…

…as the student council president has her sights on Kureha-chan. Sadly for Kureha, she can’t kill a bear!

At this point, she’s about the get pounced by Yurizono-san.

But that’s until Lulu and Ginko saved her once again. And thanks to them, Kureha shot Mitsuko-kaichou. Unfortunately, she ran away so there’s a possibility that the student council president will return at some point.

Oh yeah, as for the Severance Court thing, the reason why Kureha always having her lilies licked by Lulu and Ginko is because she and those two bears never back down on love. Of course, the plot is a bit vague at the moment that we won’t know the true existence of the court itself.

Maybe Ikuhara-san is planning something for the last episode that’ll screw the viewers big time. Can’t wait for that!

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