Akatsuki no Yona Episode #15

And now, Princess Yona and her party continues their search for the next Dragon Warrior. Not on this episode though as they travel across a decaying village that it’s beyond help at this point!

So as you can see, the town is deprived and most of the inhabitants became soldiers which leaves the rest of them becoming frail due to sickness. And so, there’s nothing Yona and the rest can do but relieve the villagers’ pain with food and medicine.

While King Su-won promised to change the kingdom from within, there’s a lot work to be done in the kingdom especially when dealing with poverty.

Speaking of King Su-won, he’s on a trip towards Chishin Castle to meet General Geun-Tae of the Earth Clan. Oh, and don’t be fooled on his carefree attitude as Su-won is serious on his goals. After all, he killed the previous King Il out of vengeance!

Anyways, I wanna see more of King Su-won and his future plans next week. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget Yona’s party as they continue their search for the Green Dragon Warrior!

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