Kantai Collection Episode #03

This is the secretary ship Nagato and her sister Mutsu as they make a mission briefing…

…to these greenhorns. Well, some of them like Fubuki, Mutsuki, and Yuudachi.Oh yeah, their job is to do reconnaissance during the day and make a surprise attack on the Abyssal Fleet at night.

But their scouting mission was somewhat a failure, so they proceed to destroy the Abyssal Fleet at W Island on daylight, which they successfully obliterated the enemy!

By the way, it seems that someone will die on this episode. I suspect Fubuki to go down as she’s still pretty much a klutz!

However, seems that she can fight for another day after Inazuma-chan and Atago gave her food and charms to hit hard and survive the onslaught. Rumor has it that Atago’s charms has her pubic hair in it!

This also includes Mutsuki as she’s not that good compared to her sister Kisaragi. Heck, she promised to be with her forever!

Unfortunately for Mutsuki, that promise won’t be kept as Kisaragi caught off-guard and was sunk by the Abyssal Fleet. If you played the browser game, you know that this is how those Fleet Girls would end up with if they’re badly damaged!

With that said, this episode is so devastating to watch that Mutsuki’s hopes of seeing Kisaragi went down to Davey Jones’ Locker! We’ll miss you, Kisaragi…

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