Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode #14

Well, seems that Kaori Miyazono just got a gash on her head after she collapsed. Of course, this is just a beginning of her ordeal.

Oh yeah Kao-chan, don’t tell them that you’re a-okay ’cause you’re not!

Meanwhile, let’s look at Tsubaki on this episode as she’s dating with Saito-sempai, but her heart secretly swayed towards Kousei-kun.

Heck, Kashiwagi-san is worried about her friend that she wanted Tsubaki to convey her feelings to Arima-kun!

Unfortunately, it appears that Tsubaki won’t tell how much she loved Arima-kun. You see, Kousei has decided to enroll at a high school specialized in music studies as he’s gonna pursue his pianist career.

Thus, Tsubaki won’t be seeing her childhood friend ever again. But you know what, there’s still time to convey her feelings to Kousei. The only thing that needs Tsubaki to move forward is either a push from Kashiwagi-san or muster up her courage to tell how much she feels!

Anyways, off to next week then… I have to say that I can feel those emotions on this week’s episode!

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