SHIROBAKO Episode #15

For some reason, Director Kinoshita looks so badass in a maid uniform!

On this episode, production has begun for Musashino Animation’s adaptation of Third Aerial Squad Girls. Let’s hope that the original author would like this adaptation. Oh wait, seems that the author doesn’t care about having his manga adapted into anime.

Communication and feedback is needed in order for an anime adaptation to be successful. Unfortunately, I smell a spanner in the works as Third Aerial Squad Girls might get shot down due to not having any feedback from the author. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the editor from Yotaka Bookstore named Shinsuke Chazawa as he’s not overseeing the adaptation at all!

By the way, this episode is all about the first day of production. As explained by Miyamori’s two stuffed toys Mimuji and Roro, it explains what art style, lighting, music composition, and the direction they would take for Third Aerial Squad Girls.

Sadly though as without any feedback from the author nor his incompetent editor, all of MusAni’s work on the first day will be scrapped and they’ll forced to start all over again from pre-production. I blame Chazawa-san, he reminds me of Maeno-san from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun!

Oh yeah, and here’s some new recruits making an introduction to this episode. This is Ai Kunogi, a rookie key animator who is shy and she’s awkward looking when talking to people (except for Yasuhara-san).

And lastly, two new production assistants will be joining MusAni. On the right is doujin artist Tsubaki Andou and on the left is former customer service agent Sara Satou. Together with these two girls plus Daisuke Hiraoka, I think there won’t be any mishaps on Third Aerial Squad Girls.

Unfortunately, it appears that Third Aerial Squad Girls will be back on the drawing board as the author didn’t like how the anime adaptation is heading. Tune in next week if there would be any hope on Musashino Animation!

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