Log Horizon 2 Episode #16

Today’s episode is where those young’uns from Log Horizon (plus Serara) travelling towards Redstone Mountains on their own.

Aside from Serara wanting to cook a buffalo (which she can’t ATM), Akihabara is having problems lately such as D.D.D. losing its members ever since the disappearance of Krusty as well as having leechers among Honesty’s ranks.

But moving onto the main episode as they travel for three days towards their destination.

As you can see, they can now take care of themselves ranging from cooking (with the help of Serara) to defending their camp from monsters!

Heck, they even perform at a large audience! Sooner or later, Miss Isuzu would become a star across Elder Tale!

One last thing, here’s a new character introduced at the end of this episode as the rookies met Roe 2, the travelling vampire with glasses!

Unlike Shiroe where he’s an Enchanter, Roe 2 is a Lvl. 90 Summoner.

Of course, being a vampire means that she can’t stand the heat of the sun for a longer period. Hmm, I wonder if she’s related to the villain in glasses back in Akihabara?

Anyways, it’s gonna be very interesting for next week’s episode when those junior adventurers team up with Roe 2!

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