Aldnoah.Zero Episode #15

This is Count Marylcian and Count Barouhcruz, two guys who will be killed later by Inaho for over-estimating him! Once they’re off, they’ll be forgotten!

Of course, there are some characters that will be remembered for eternity like Rayet and Inko-chan. I’m hoping they’re remain alive until the end!

Meanwhile, here’s Count Saazbaum as he returned to battle not only to help Slaine, but to settle the score for his humiliating loss against Inaho.

By the way, Count Saazbaum finally adopted Slaine Troyard as his son. How lovely…

Sadly for Slaine, he decides to kill Count Saazbaum despite being accepted as his son.

And by the way, that rain of bullets were meant for Inaho with Saazbaum acting as bait. But who cares about it as Slaine wants to kill his father for shooting Princess Asseylum to death!

Let’s hope that Count Saazbaum stay dead for the rest of the series. After all, he’ll be fondly remembered for starting the whole conflict as an act of vengeance!

As for Slaine, he’ll become a count from now on, but then again it’ll get worse now that he has power and position. All he needs now is a mask and Slaine will become A CHAR!

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