Absolute Duo Episode #04

Wait a minute, how come Rito Tsukimi-sensei is still teaching at Kouryou Academy? Don’t tell me that you cleared her any wrongdoing, Headmistress Sakuya Tsukumo!?

In any case, here’s a new story arc in Absolute Duo where students are now leveling up their Blaze up to Level 2. If they don’t achieve it, their Lucifers will be forcefully removed from their bodies and sent them pack, never to return at Kouryou Academy ever again!

Moving onto this week’s episode, we have a new character introduced named Lilith Bristol.

Transferred from United Kingdom, Lilith has a gun-based Blaze and she wants Tohru as her partner! While having a shield and a rifle combination is awesome, he decides to stick with Yulie Stigtuna…

And speaking of Yulie, she’s spending her time with Thor. Of course, this is not a date between lovers!

BTW, they should have dance like in the opening sequence.

I repeat, this is not a date as they’re just partners-in-battle… But then again, both Yulie and Thor look so cute together!

With that said, I can’t wait more of Lilith Bristol next week!

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