Akatsuki no Yona Episode #16

This is General Geun-tae and he’s bored that he can’t wage war, not to mention having doubts on King Su-won since he’s new and he look like a pacifist just like King Il!

But seriously Geun-tae, at least your wife Yun-ho loves you and she’s glad that you’re still standing instead of being killed on the battlefield!

Anyways, here’s something different for this week (You have to sit this one out, Yona) as Chishin hosted war games between King Su-won and General Geun-tae. Oh, and don’t be fooled by Su-won’s inability to fight…

He can defend himself but there’s more to that, as he knows how to confuse the enemy and topple them down.

Sorry Geun-tae, but he’s no King Il as Su-won has great plans for his kingdom and the five tribes!

In any case, the Earth Tribe enjoyed this mock battle. Heck, even Yun-ho loves her husband fighting gallantly!

By the way, Chishin’s economy increased after this mock battle thanks in part on Yuno’s high-quality floral tea, as well as jewels that were extracted from Udo mine and polished to perfection. You may thank Su-won for that, General Geun-tae!

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