AKB48 10th Anniversary Expansion Plans

Today’s post is gonna be different as I briefly talk about AKB48. Oh, and it’s been a long time since I made a personal post.

Anyways, as AKB48 approaches its 10 years of entertaining people both young and old, Producer Yasushi Akimoto is planning to expand the 48 brand not only across Japan but in the Philippines according to ANN.

While I have no problem of having Aki-P expanding his idol group across Japan by making sister groups in major cities like Sapporo and Niigata, my concern is that over-expansion might saturate the quality of its talent. Also, having a Tokyo48 for the 2020 Summer Games, despite being a one-off group for the Tokyo Olympics, isn’t a good idea in my opinion!

Meanwhile, my other concern is having a 48-style idol group in the Philippines as I’m worried that they’ll have a hard time attracting the Filipino crowd. Currently, most of the Filipinos are being swept by the Hallyu Wave (or Korean Wave) thanks to music and drama. Unless they add some local Filipino talent as well as having good marketing, Akimoto’s idol brand is gonna be one tough to sell!

But with that said, I wish Akimoto-san good luck on putting the “most sophisticated show” from Akihabara across Japan and outside of the country!

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