Kantai Collection Episode #04

Behind her cheery expression, Mutsuki-chan hides her sadness that Kisaragi won’t be coming back… Poor girl, I hope she doesn’t get devastated when she lost Fubuki-chan in battle!

Anyways, here’s a formal introduction to the Kongou class which consists of Kirishima, Hiei, Kongou, and Haruna.

Of course, Kongou gets the most attention as she’s the leader of her class…

…and her BURNING LOVE to the Admiral, who is not present today! If you watched Kiniro Mosaic, you’ll know that both Karen Kujo and Kongou (plus her sisters) are voiced by Nao Touyama.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Fubuki almost sank on this episode. But thanks to Kongou-san, she can fight for another day! Damn, is Fubuki have so much luck yet why she sucks at fighting? Why!?

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