SHIROBAKO Episode #16

Iguchi-san, don’t let yourself down just because the author doesn’t approve of your character design numerous time, apart from having Chazawa-san screwing it up which production stopped for a month!

Funny story, Chazawa-san is shit that he’s worse than Tarou-kun!

But you know what Iguchi-san, take a breather and clear your mind by doing exercise together with Yasuhara-san. After all, you help Ema-chan previously so she’s returning you a favor!

And if exercise wasn’t enough, you can let off steam by visiting the batting/pitching center together with Ogasawara-san. That’ll make you feel better instead of flipping tables and rage-quit!

By the way, Rinko Ogasawara used to have that same experience as Yumi when designing characters. And also, liked how she throw that ball like a professional!

Lastly, if you want to draw the characters that the author approves it, why not dress up as one of the characters. That’s how Rinko did when she’s finalizing the character design!

With that said, Yumi Iguchi nailed it and the author liked her design. Good job, Iguchi-san!

Meanwhile, I forgot to introduce the executive producer Kotarou Katsuragi, as he and Shun Watanabe are finding Chazawa-san to discuss about the production of Third Aerial Squad Girls.

Oh yeah, and here’s a funny story as he and Nabe-P beat Chazawa-san up ’cause he’s a douchebag! Honestly, he should take this anime adaptation seriously instead of loafing around!

Looks like the anime adaptation is going smoothly, right? Nah, it’s not yet smooth-sailing for MusAni!

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