Parasyte -the maxim- Episode #16

Last time, Shirou Kuramori won’t be investigating parasites anymore for his safety. But now, it’s seems that his wife and daughter are killed!

While I want to suggest that Kuramori-san should have walk away sooner and forget all about it, but it’s too little too late. Poor Kuramori-san…

Meanwhile, let’s go back to what’s important on this episode as Shinichi and Migi are in a pinch against Miki-san.

Sure that Miki-san is menacing that he can control three parasites at once, but he can’t coordinate perfectly to kill both Shinichi and Migi efficiently…

This lead to Izumi-kun having the opening to chop Miki’s head off. I’m sure that he’s gone for good, right?

Well, not exactly as Miki-san has another head re-spawned. Also, it was revealed that he has five parasites instead of three so it turned from bad to worse!

So therefore, Shinichi and Migi has no choice but to retreat for now. Too bad though as Miki can run faster and he’s about to kill both of them!

Luckily, Migi managed to shake Miki-san off by ramming him with a truck. Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, Migi stole some money from a truck driver since they’re gonna hide for the time being.

Great, looks like Shinichi Izumi became a petty thief. Wait, I think he’ll get away with it because he’s a teenage kid!

With that said, hope that both Shinichi and Migi can formulate a plan on killing Miki-san. After all, he’s the biggest threat to date next to Reiko Tamura!

Speaking of Tamura-san, looks like she’s being targeted by her fellow parasites plus Kuramori-san as they consider Reiko as a threat. After all, she has a child and her way of thinking is different!

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