Aldnoah.Zero Episode #16

This is Count Slaine and his trusty servant Mr. Harklight. They’ll change the Vers Empire from within while bringing the United Earth Forces down to its knees, although I’m skeptical on changing the empire part!

Meanwhile back at Earth, the United Earth Forces stationed at Yemen are being attacked by a Kataphrakt using gravity manipulation.

While I’m expected for the UEF to throw their life away meaninglessly just to push the enemy away from the city, that’s not the case on this episode…

As it’s being led by Lt. Koichiro Marito where he didn’t froze up during battle surprisingly enough.

But due to gravity producing by the enemy Kataphrakt, he’s losing consciousness so it could be catastrophic if Lt. Marito passed out!

Luckily, a certain Inaho Kaizuko just sniped the enemy Kataphrakt from the stratosphere, disabling the gravity manipulation system in the process.

Good job on saving Lt. Marito’s squad, Inaho!

Oh yeah, and as for Count Mazuurek, he’ll be killed on the spot as being captured as a prisoner is dishonorable. Of course, there’s no proof of whether the Orbital Knights have some sort of Bushido code or not.

Also, there’s no indication of what happened to Count Mazuurek after he was defeated on this episode.

While capturing an Orbital Knight for questioning is unlikely to happen, I think it’s a safe bet that Lt. Marito ended Mazuurek’s life.

So with that said, let’s end this episode with a wonderful reunion as the Deucalion Crew reunited with Warrant Officer Yuki Kaizuka and Lt. Koichiro Marito. Isn’t it great that Yuki-nee and Lt. Marito are back to help the young’uns!

Unfortunately, the Deucalion crew will have to stay at Earth for the time being as Count Slaine Troyard attacked a UEF base stationed around the Earth’s orbit, which is a big blow for the Terrans and a big win for Slaine as his fellow Orbital Knights have no reason to doubt him for now.

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