Absolute Duo Episode #05

Go for it Miyabi Hotaka! Even though your boobs are in the way, there’s no stopping you from reaching Level 2!

Of course, Hotaka-san can’t swim properly at the moment so she has a kickboard. It would be nice if Tomoe teach Miyabi how to swim since both of them are partners!

While Tohru Kokonoe can teach Miyabi, he’s just too pervy to teach her how to swim and sinking at the bottom of the pool!

Also, liked Usa-sensei’s swimwear despite being a scumbag teacher!

Moving onto this episode as Yulie takes the plunge with that graceful dive…

…and then she sunk like a Mjölnir hammer. What a let down after!

I think you should ask Thor for help, Yulie Stigtuna. I mean, both of you are partners for life!

But then, Lilith pulled a NTR onto Yulie as she grabbed Tohru, ditch school, and went to Death New Land. What a shitty name for a theme park. Amagi Brilliant Park sounds better by the way despite having a hard time attracting attendees!

While both of them had a great time at Death New Land, Tohru won’t give up on Yulie which made Lilith very angry.

Thor, you can’t quell a woman scorned like Lilith so easily, as this lady won’t stop until she gets you. Anyways Kokonoe-kun, good luck stopping Lilith and her rifle using your Shield Blaze next week!

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