Koufuku Graffiti Episode #04

Well, it seems that Ryou is bored and lonely without Kirin and/or Shiina-san!

For one, Kirin is spending time with her family at a Chinese restaurant, while Shiina-san got sick that she’ll have to sit out for a week. Poor Ryou-chan, no one’s gonna appreciate her cooking…

So with that said, Ryou-chan heads outside for a change! Still, she’s a bit lonely to walk around town and take pictures…

Then again, I think she’ll be fine when a random teru-teru bozu grabbed her unexpectedly! Oh BTW, that’s Watanabe-san and she’s a librarian.

Meanwhile, this episode reveals another side of Ryou’s late grandmother, as she’s actually a newbie cook before her granddaughter came to her life.

In fact, Ryou’s grandmother always go to the library to find cookbooks and study, making sure that she can cook better and taste good too for her sweet granddaughter!

Oh yeah, and she also take Ryou-chan to the convenience store to buy some food during lunchtime or after hitting the books. On the other hand, the fact that the cashier guy retains his appearance is a mystery.

In any case, next episode will have Kirin and Shiina-san returning to eat Ryou’s cooking while having orgasmic reactions!

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