Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #05

Here’s Lulu and Ginko, wearing a naked apron just to impress Kureha Tsubaki. By the way, Kureha won’t accept both girls to her house ’cause she hates them!

Anyway, seems that Ginko Yurishiro is neither a reincarnated Sumika Izumino nor Reia Tsubaki, but she was related to Kureha Tsubaki some 11 years ago.

Come to think of it, I was wondering why Kureha didn’t remember a thing about Ginko after spending her time with her late friend Sumika?

On the other hand, seems that I smell a conspiracy behind Arashigaoka Academy as the headmaster Yurika Hakonaka hides the truth to Kureha that Mitsuko Yurizono is a bear disguising as a human.

By the way, Kureha doesn’t need a new friend ’cause she only wants Sumika-chan!

Then again, there’s no stopping those students from befriending her, which later revealed that they want Kureha off.

You girls are the worst friends ever, I rather see you eaten by bears instead of Kureha-chan!

In any case, Ginko is about to eat Kaoru Harishima so she can save Kureha from the Invisible Storm, which is being left off to be eaten by bears!

That’s right, it’s time to bring poetic justice to this bitch!

And then Ginko Yurishino got caught in a bear trap. Why Ikuhara-san, why did you have to end this episode in a painful cliffhanger!?

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