Aldnoah.Zero Episode #17

So it seems that Inaho Kaizuka has some limits when using his analytical engine. As Dr. Yagarai point out, Inaho might suffer brain damage should he use his left eye too much.

This worries Yuki-nee as she’s responsible for drafting his brother into the military. But then again, he doesn’t mind being a soldier since Inaho was trained to become one in the first place.

Besides, Inaho is currently the best soldier of the United Earth Forces, and Yuki and countless others would be a goner if he wasn’t drafted.

Meanwhile it was confirmed that Count Mazuurek was captured and interrogated instead of being killed off after last week’s episode. Still, he wouldn’t talk to the authorities until Inaho intervened.

So with that said, Inaho told Count Mazuurek that the wheelchair-bound Princess Asseylum is a fake and the real one is hiding somewhere…

Which then followed by letting the Orbital Knight escape with Rayet as his accomplice, telling Count Mazuurek to gather information on the Vers Empire as well as the whereabouts of the real Princess Asseylum. WHAT. THE. FUCK!?

Seriously Inaho, are you gonna trust this guy you’ve just met and you’re counting on him to become a spy? Really, what if Count Mazuurek double-cross you even though you deduced him that he’s not a bad guy?

In any case, I have a feeling that Inaho Kaizuka might bite him in the ass again…

Lastly, Princess Lemri- *ahem* I mean Asseylum invited both Count Marylcian and Count Barouhcruz to the lunar base. Oh yeah, and Count Marylcian challenged Count Slaine Troyard to a duel to see who’s better!

It’s gonna be very interesting for next week’s episode, but I gotta say that Slaine will win this one. On the other hand, the fact that he’s telling about the birds to the real (and still comatose) Princess Asseylum made him very creepy!

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