Absolute Duo Episode #06

This is Lilith Bristol, and she’s challenging Tohru to a duel. Unfortunately, Lilith changed from a duel to an onslaught as she’s gonna take all of the students at Kouryou Academy!

By the way, most of the students will fall down in battle since Lilith’s Rifle Blaze is too OP!

So, they come up a plan by ganging-up on her. Great idea there!

Oh wait, Lilith is just gonna shoot them anyway. Also, OMG she killed Tatsu… That bitch!

Just kidding, Tatsu is gonna live ’cause he’s macho enough to withstand anything.

Anyways, they continue to pin Lilith down by combining their strength to defeat her. They’re reaching towards victory against that Rifle Blaze user…

…until three armed men ruined her dance party of death. That’s sucks!

By the way, they’re here to retrieve Lilith Bristol. Of course, I’m not sure why they wanted to capture her?

Oh yeah, and one of the armed men (presumably Agent K) point a gun at Miyabi. Great, now they took her as a hostage!

With that said, Lilith had no choice but to surrender. One more thing I forgot to tell you… Blazes can’t stop conventional firearms, so that means those kids ain’t gonna boss those adults around with their weapons made from their souls!

Of course, that doesn’t stop Tohru Kokonoe from letting them do as the please. So he mustered his strength on his right hand…

…and turned this escalator into a pile of rubble. I have to say, his name is so fitting for the Norse God of Thunder!

And so, Tohru saved Lilith from falling down to the floor, all while Lilith delivering the final shot against Agent K. By the way, it was reported that Agent K is alive and his subordinates were killed by “accident”!

But that’s about it for this week’s episode of Absolute Duo. As for the battle between Tohru and Lilith, it appeared that he apparently won because he has allies while Lilith goes solo and stuff.

On the other hand, seems that 8-bit screwed the conclusion to their fight, so I have a feeling that this light novel adaptation might sink deeper to shitty adaptation territory. Really Kadokawa, are you making Media Factory’s MF J Bunko into a joke LN label by churning out countless anime adaptations for profit!?

Although No Game No Life was the best (if not the best) MF J Bunko title they have offered thanks to its stunning anime adaptation by Madhouse, I’m mad that Kadokawa treated Absolute Duo the same way as Madan no Ou to Vanadis and Magical Warfare at worse!

Oh yeah, one last picture before I end this post… Here’s Lilith kissing Tohru on the cheek.

Seems that Yulie-chan is getting mad now that Thor is cheating on her!

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