Kantai Collection Episode #06

Today’s episode is all about the Akatsuki-class fleet girls. Since there’s no Abyssal Fleet knocking on their door, the quartet are flexing their tiny muscles… in a curry cook-off!

Of course, they’ve just getting started and I hope they won’t get hurt from perfecting their cooking skills. Also, using a flamethrower on shortening the cooking time is a bad idea!

So onto the main cooking contest as the Akatsuki quartet faces off against the Haguro-Ashigara duo, since most of the competitors like the Kongou sisters and the Kaga-Akagi pair were out of contention.

Anyway, these two girls from the Myoukou-class are the toughest to beat…

…especially Ashigara-san who she’s yet to score a boyfriend. Look at her expression, Ashigara is hungry like a wolf and let’s not talk about her age as she’s sensitive about it!

Unfortunately for both Ashigara and Haguro, the pair lost the contest simply because their curry is too spicy to handle (especially Nagato).

This leaves the Akatsuki quartet as the winner of the curry cook-off. Congratulations to those fleet girls who worked so hard to make a perfect curry, now it’s up to them to serve their winning curry to the rest of the fleet!

But with that said, it’s onto next week and it seems that Diomedia will just stick to another slice-of-life event since they’re too scared to kill off another fleet girl just like Episode 3…

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