Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Episode #05

Here’s something to be amused of… Utaha-sempai chomping that Pocky like a rabbit!

Naturally, Eriri-chan is pissed that “it’s not like she’s interested on being fed by Aki-kun!” just like a tsundere would do.

By the way, the initial draft for the visual novel is finished thanks to Utaha-sempai so way to go girl!

Anyways, the prologue showed great promise and it’s setting up to be one of the most heart-warming visual novels on par with CLANNAD the like.

But it goes downhill when the main heroine became a yandere and it was revealed that she’s the long-lost sister of the male protagonist.

While I don’t mind the incest part, but having the heroine as a yandere makes it much worse than I though! Remember Miyuki Shiba and her yandere tendencies towards her “Onii-sama!”? Well, we shouldn’t forget about that!

Oh, and it has aliens and other shenanigans on the initial draft. Really Utaha-san, you’re stuffing so many tropes that Mr. Ethical’s masterpiece is being derailed!

With that said, the visual novel scenario needs some major reworking in order to fit Tomoya’s vision. Of course, Utaha-sempai would need a breather in order to do a better scenario.

In the meantime, here’s Tomoya taking Megumi Kato to the mall and buy clothes and stuff like a normal person would do. It’s not like they’re dating at the moment!

Anyways, see you next week…

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