Aldnoah.Zero Episode #18

Here’s Inko-chan, preparing for the next mission. Behind her smile, Inko is having doubts on both Rayet and Inaho as she’s the only witness who saw both of her comrades help Count Mazuurek escape!

Speaking of Count Mazuurek, he’s currently trekking. Don’t know if he’ll be a double-agent or something else like living as a civilian instead of an Orbital Knight?

Meanwhile, it’s time for the much-anticipated duel between Count Marylcian and Count Troyard. Normally, this duel will be over in Count Marylcian’s favor as he got the upper hand…

…due to his personal Kataphrakt Herschel having many funnels to surround Slaine and fire in all directions!

Unfortunately, there’s one problem for Marylcian’s Herschel. It’s useless in confined spaces and most of Herschel’s funnels are destroyed by Slaine when entering a tunnel.

So with that said, Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard bested Count Marylcian due to understanding of the battle area and a little bit of luck!

As for Count Marylcian, he’s sucked out to the vastness of space, left there to die off! Honestly, the Orbital Knights should have pilot suits in order to breath in space. Why can’t they invest in those things is beyond me!

Anyways, all of Marylcian’s war spoils and other assets belongs to Slaine. And one more thing, he’s gonna get married to Princess Asseylum so congrats to him!

Oh sorry, did I just said Princess Asseylum? I meant to say Princess Lemrina getting married to Count Troyard as she’s attempting to kill the real Asseylum by shutting off the life support system.

Then again, she’s backing down for the time being. Until the day she wed Slaine as husband and wife (and future rulers of both Vers and Earth), that’s the time she’ll end Asseylum’s life!

Unfortunately for Lemrina, seems that she accidentally woke up Asseylum from her coma, so way to ruin your chance on ending your sister’s life!

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