Koufuku Graffiti Episode #06

Summer is gonna end soon in Koufuku Graffiti, and Kirin-chan can’t handle the heat! Poor girl…

How about eating Ryou’s broiled eel over rice, that’ll cure your fatigue and get back up from the heat!

By the way, I’m sure kinda hungry when she’s showing the finished meal to the viewers. Dammit SHAFT, why!? Of course, eating broiled eel wasn’t enough to combat the summer heat…

So how about eating popsicle while taking a bath, that’ll be a great idea except that it isn’t because of those orgasmic shots. It gets worse when someone perceives these scenes as if they’re licking it sexually!

But anyways, that’ll be it for this week’s episode as both girls are got rejuvenated!

Of course, I’m sure that one of them will get a tummy-ache since they ate broiled eel, a popsicle, and I believe that they chug a bowl of azuki bean soup!

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