Winter 2014: The rest of the field… 2nd Half!

Happy “belated” Valentine’s Day courtesy of Kunihiko Ikuhara’s latest masterpiece, Yuri Kuma Arashi. Oh, and let’s not forget this Revolutionary Girl Utena shout-out as Ginko pull out a lily from Kureha’s chest!

With that said, here are the anime series I’m currently watching, but I’m too busy blogging it all on a weekly basis as all of them are reaching its climax!

01. Gundam Reconguista in G

Let’s start the ball rolling with Reconguista in G as Bellri finally accepted that he’s Aida’s little brother. I’m surprised that he got over his angst pretty fast!

Meanwhile, this show introduces another faction called the Venus Globe Gang (or the G-IT Corps) which not only have plans to conquer Earth just like the Dorette Fleet, but they’re interested on G-Self and its secrets. By the way, I’m not surprised that everyone wants a piece of Bellri’s mobile, but I have a hunch that G-Self could be the prototype for Turn A Gundam.

So even though the Venus Globe Gang have some interesting mobile suit like the Gaeon and its Big Arm backpack, I think they’ll go down on the next episode. One more thing, Raraiya is now piloting a green-colored mobile suit called the Neodu instead of the red-colored Moran which is now being piloted by a former Towasangan pilot. Of course, I wish it was colored red so she can fight three times faster!

02. Maria the Virgin Witch

Onto Maria the Virgin Witch as the show is getting interesting now that a certain priest named Bernard is trying to use Maria for his grandest schemes. Of course, there’s no indication on whether he’ll use her to win the war against England or something else, so I’ll be very curious about him in future episodes.

By the way, Maria is being guarded by Ezekiel as archangel Michael is very busy. Then again, Ezekiel has no power to stop the virgin witch unless she resorted to trickery!

03. Unlimited Fafnir

For Unlimited Fafnir, it’s still being generic and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka doesn’t help it at all!

As for the plot, we have Tear Lightning as she wants to be Yuu’s dragon wife. Unfortunately, she’s being hunted down by a dragon cult led by Kili Surt Muspelheim so way to go Diomedia on making things complicated with the main cast!

On the other hand, seeing Tear and Lisa Highwalker together look so adorable. Too bad that Kili would just ruin it!


Moving onto THE ROLLING GIRLS as it’s still having that stylish animation, yet it’s getting more interesting now that the main quartet as seen on this picture are tasked to gather stones across Japan. Of course, there’s a question of what will happen if all of the stones are gathered, especially when Chiaya’s mother wants it all?

By the way, the stones (mostly heart-shaped) have powers that made those Bests stronger. Without it, they’re just like the Rest expect for a few individuals like this cafe owner/dandy who still kicks ass without holding one!

05. Gundam Build Fighters Try

And now let’s end this post with GBF Try as Try Fighters are on a roll towards the national championship. Well, they barely defeated their opponent recently, which it almost took a toll on Sekai’s body due to his assimilation with his Try Build Burning Gundam.

Even so, they’ll have to be careful as their next opponent is none other than Junya Inose, which is a former student of Jigen Haoh and a bully to boot. Heck, this guy might be the one who crushed Yuuma back then.

On another note, kudos to Fumina for having a transformation gimmick on her Star Winning Gundam as it turned from SD into an HG-scale one! What can I say, “Gunpla is freedom!” and it shows how creative she can be! Hell, Fumina might become the next Lady Kawaguchi if she beat Shia Kijima!

Anyways, see you in March for the conclusion of these shows!

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