Absolute Duo Episode #07

Ah, Miyabi Hotaka… I’m sure that you pervs are looking at her boobs from the sides, but give her some peace after being taken as a hostage from Episode 6!

In fact, she’s worried about being a burden to Tomoe Tachibana. But let’s wait and see for this week’s episode.

Anyways, Kouryou Academy held a training camp so the students can reach Level 3.

Unfortunately, they’ll have to swim towards their destination so way to go on making things harder and inconvenient for those who can’t swim!

By the way, Lilith Bristol is joining too! Then again, Lilith is here for Tohru as she’s not giving up on him!

Well, I’m not surprised that this show is turning into a harem series. Thank you Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, your voice has attracted so many girls in Absolute Duo!

So with that said, they arrived at the training camp site and I’m sure that they’re tired and drenched with all that swimming!

C’mon, give these students a break…

But nope, they were ambushed by ninjas… Not just ninjas, but Blaze-wielding ninjas!

Oh shit, this is gonna suck. Damn you Chairwoman Tsukumo for sending them ninjas to fight!

Naturally, the students retaliated because who wants to get beaten by ninjas anyway.

By the way, kudos to Miyabi Hotaka for having the determination to charge into the enemy…

…and save Tomoe Tachibana. Way to go Miyabi, show those haters that you ain’t a character with gag boobs!

Anyways, the students manage to hold off the opposition without a hitch. As for Thor, he successfully beat a kunoichi…

…only to find out that it was- Wait, isn’t that Imari Nagakura from the first episode? Well I’ll be damned, Haruka Tomatsu’s character has returned!

In any case, it was revealed that she was given a second chance by choosing one of the branch school from Kouryou Academy instead of a normal one. Naturally, the branch school is tougher that the main one, but Imari don’t mind the harsh training so long as she continue using her Blaze.

But that’s it for Episode 7 as Tohru and the rest are gonna take a breather, ’cause the week-long training camp will be a tough one if their body ins’t ready!

And by the way, seeing Yulie sucking that hotdog…

…and then chomping it is turning me off! You don’t want your manhood being eaten away!

One more thing, seems that Miyabi Hotaka is in love with Tohru. Again, not surprising since Absolute Duo is becoming a harem show. Oh yeah, and I have a feeling that Agent K is gonna ruin their training camp next week!

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