Death Parade Episodes #03 & #04

This is Decim and his black-haired assistant! They’re here to provide patrons a game of their lives… literally!

Anyways, I’ll be playing catch-up starting with Episodes 3 and 4. I hope that it won’t disappoint me because of its episodic nature!

Episode 3 follows Shigeru Miura and Chisato Miyazaki as they wager their lives in a game of bowling, with their hearts being encased and used as bowling ball. Yeah, they sure upped the ante on this one!

Anyways, this episode is so bittersweet as both Shigeru and Chisato are childhood friends.

Of course, it was revealed that Chisato is actually Mai Takada, and she’s in love with Shigeru the whole time.

While Shigeru and Mai’s respective fate left ambiguous after Miura-kun won the game, seeing both of them dating after the bowling game was so damn heart-warming. I think it might be the best episode ever!

Episode 4 however follows Misaki Tachibana and Yousuke Tateishi, and they believe that it’s all just a show.

Sadly, they’re not in the show and I’m sure that both of them have passed on. All they need to do it take each other out until one remain…

…by playing an arcade game. Yes, both Misaki and Yousuke are duking it out by playing a fighting game based on themselves!

Unfortunately, Yousuke got the upper-hand as he’s good at playing video games ’cause he’s an otaku. Not only that, but he’s a shut-in because Yousuke was abused by his biological mother, which he acted aloof on his new mother until he committed suicide.

But then, there’s Misaki as she does the unthinkable by slamming him to the monitor until Yousuke is passed out.

Misaki will do whatever it takes to see her five children after neglecting them for so long. The reason why she’s neglecting her kids is because Misaki got beaten up by her ex-husband and various men she dated with!

Ultimately, the game ended in a draw. Kinda surprising since both of them are desperate to win, not to mention Decim’s sly intervention by removing the top part of the joystick. Why Decim, why?

In any case, both Yousuke and Misaki’s fate remained ambiguous. However, my observation suggests that Misaki will go into the void while Yousuke will be reincarnated.

Anyways, next up will be Eps. 5 and 6 since I’m catching up after all!

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