Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #07

Oh look, it’s Kaoru Harishima telling her partner Ms. Yurika Hakonaka that she humiliated Kureha badly!

Sadly for Harishima, she was eaten by Hakonaka-san. There’s no doubt that the chairwoman of Arashigaoka Academy is actually a bear! It’s making sense now!

Oh yeah, and it’s making more sense now that Kureha finally remembered that she had Ginko as her friend before. Thank goodness that she found her long-lost love! Too bad though as this scene won’t even happen until the end.

That’s because Yurika is planning to break their friendship off by putting them as enemies and bring them down with her hands! Of course, there’s a mystery on what she’ll do with Kureha. I don’t know if Yurika will use Kureha as Reia’s replacement or food, but she’s a bigger threat to their love!

Anyways, it’s still a long way to go towards the climax…

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