Akatsuki no Yona Episode #19

Today’s episode, it’s Yona’s turn to prove herself that she’s not a dead-weight…

By getting the senjuso plant at the edge of the cliff by herself. Well, at least the risk is slightly lower compared to assassinating Kum-ji with her bow and arrow!

However, the challenge is still there as Yona have to get the herbs by herself. She managed to get a bunch of senjuso plants so congratulations to Yona!

Okay, she got some help from Jae-ha after Yona was saved from being swept by the waves! But damn I’m glad that Jae-ha is at her side ’cause she’ll be a goner at the end of this episode.

But with that said, Yona finished Captain Gi-gan’s mission and her resolve has strengthen. Of course, her legs are shaken and she almost break down a cry…

Not to mention having cuts and bruises on her hands, which Hak heals it by licking her wounds. C’mon Mr. Bodyguard, Ki-ja would be furious if he saw that ’cause it’s lewd and you won’t get any affection from Yona!

Anyways, next episode will be the big battle as Yona’s party and the pirates are gonna take on Kum-ji’s fleet!

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