Aldnoah.Zero Episode #19

Here’s Count Mazuurek, now returning to duty as an Orbital Knight! While I want him to live as a normal person, Mazuurek still wants to be a knight for the Vers Empire.

On the other hand, I have a feeling that he’ll be hunted down because of his doubts against Slaine, apart from spying the empire as requested by Inaho.

Meanwhile, Princess Asseylum fully-regained her consciousness after Princess Lemrina accidentally revived her last week. Unfortunately, Asseylum has amnesia as she can’t remember her time spent on Earth. Blame Saazbaum for putting a bullet to her head!

But even though she can’t remember anything, Princess Asseylum still thinks about Inaho Kaizuka. Well Slaine, sucks to you… Just accept Lemrina as your wife and forget about Asseylum!

Speaking of Inaho, he’s looking at the birds as he prepare for next mission which involve taking out not one, but three Orbital Knights!

Anyways, next episode will have Inaho and his squad curb-stomp three Vers Kataphrakts with tactics and his uber-cybernetic eye.

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