Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #08

I told you last time that Yurika Hakonaka is a bear, but it seems that there’s more to her than just a bear….

That’s because Yurika was under this guy’s care 20 years ago. She learned of his teachings that precious items must be stored in boxes, remained untainted forever.

Unfortunately for her master, he went away to find untainted items to be stored. Some say that he was killed by random bears, but others would say that he was eaten by Yurika out of jealousy and fear of being abandoned.

Nevertheless, she lost her precious master… until Yurika met Reia that is. And with that, they started a beautiful relationship!

Sadly, their relationship went sour when Reia have Kureha as her daughter. Echoing her master’s words, Reia was tainted as Yurika didn’t kept her in a box.

By the way, I was wondering if there are males in this show, let alone a few of them? Apart from Yurika’s master (as well as those three guys from the Severance Court), this anime series is devoid of boys!

However, that doesn’t stop Yurika from keeping Reia to herself as she killed Reia at night, filling Yurika’s stomach with her love and memories that they spent together…

So even though she ate Reia, Yurika’s hunger wasn’t enough to satisfy what’s left of her hollow, loveless body. It would be better if Yurika would listen to Reia regarding her pendant, because her problem is that she’s easily jealous and scorned!

And speaking of that pendant, it was revealed that Reia personally gave it to Ginko before she was eaten by Yurika. Unfortunately, Yurika will just pit both Kureha and Ginko as enemies by using Reia’s pendant as an excuse for hating each other.

Should Kureha sucessfully killed Ginko, Yurika will then put Reia’s daughter in a box so that she’ll remain untainted forever just like her master said. What can I say, Yurika is so messed up as she gave her love away just to keep her precious box full of untainted items (mostly withered lilies that she picked)!

Anyways, I’ll end this episode in a cliffhanger as Lulu said to Kureha the awful truth. I don’t know what she said to her, but damn it’s getting intense!

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