Absolute Duo Episode #08

Sorry for the late post for Absolute Duo, but here’s something to savor (or rage) about… Two naked girls clinging onto Tohru Kokonoe!

Thor, you such a lucky bastard but I was wondering if you’ll date either of them?

Speaking of date, Miyabi Hotaka confessed her love to Tohru on this episode.

Apart from having the biggest bust on this show, Miyabi is interested on Tohru from the day she met him, and also being rescued most of the time since she’s weak compared to the rest!

Unfortunately, Tohru declined Miyabi’s offer to be his girlfriend. Not just because he’s embarrassed by having a busty girlfriend on his side, but the fact that Tohru is afraid of losing her!

That’s the problem for Thor Kokonoe as his previous trauma is hindering his growth to become stronger. I think he and Yulie should face their past scars if they want to achieve Absolute Duo.

But anyways, it’s onto the next episode… and it seems that Usa-sensei is being ignored by Tohru thanks to Miyabi’s F-cup breasts!

Come to think of it, Tsukiumi-sensei might be past 25- Oops, forgot that she’s eternally 17 years old! Thank you Yukari Tamura!

One last note (and a depressing one), Agent K from Episode 6 is finally making his move by invading the island together with his soldiers, and killing all the students including those from the branch school.

I’m hoping that Imari would make it alive ’cause it’ll be a waste for Haruka Tomatsu to have her character killed off next week!

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