Kantai Collection Episode #08

So after last week’s episode where Shoukaku almost sank during their encounter with the Wo-class Carrier, it’s time for Bucky and the rest of the Assault Force Five to take a rest at an island somewhere around the Pacific!

Luckily, they found Truk Island to stay and recover their wounds. Oh, and they’re greeted by this fleet girl named Yamato.

That’s right, it’s the Yamato-class Battleship where she has more firepower than either Nagato (plus Mutsu) or any of the Kongou sisters.

However, Yamato has a bit of a downside as she’s resource-heavy for a battleship like her. In fact, she eats more bauxite than Akagi which is why she can’t be deployed against the Abyssal Fleet.

Oh yeah, and Yamato doesn’t like being called as an hotel. For those who are curious, the Yamato-class Battleship shares a name with the Yamato Hotel, where a few of those hotels still exists today under a different name. Still, it’s sucks to her that she can’t fight alongside her fellow fleet girls!

Anyways, onto the next episode… And damn, my secretary ship Nagato can’t be this cute!

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