Aldnoah.Zero Episode #20

Remember what I told you last time that Inaho Kaizuka and his team will crush three Orbital Knights? Well it turns out, Inaho got his ass kicked thanks to Slaine Troyard.

Oh, and it’s not like he’ll use technological superiority to crush the opposition, as Slaine convinced three Orbital Knights to work together to surround and destroy the Deucalion crew!

So there you have it, Inaho and the Deucalion crew got a major defeat that forced them to retreat!

On the other hand, seems that he’s straining his left bionic eye too much after doing navigation. I’m worried that he’ll be forced to sit out by Dr. Yagarai, should Inaho exceed his use of his left eye which would cause permanent brain damage and other side-effects.

Sure that I’m exaggerating things, but Inaho Kaizuka has his limits!

Finally, here’s Count Mazuurek as he formally met the fake and the real Princess Asseylum. Well technically, Mazuurek met Eddelrittuo right after meeting with Princess Lemrina.

Based upon Mazuurek’s observation, the Princess Asseylum that he met earlier was indeed impersonated by Princess Lemrina. And thanks to that confirmation, Mazuurek gave Eddelrittuo the pendant

…which is then returned to the real Asseylum. And with a miracle, she regained her memories. Well Princess Lemrina, it’s already too little too late to kill your sister now that she’s back up again from amnesia!

With that said, it’s gonna be a sprint to the finish with four episodes to go. While Inaho will try not to exert himself until it’s necessary when confronting Slaine, I wouldn’t be surprised that Troyard’s ambition will go down in flames!

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