Absolute Duo Episode #09

While I won’t comment on 8-bit’s use of CGI, you can see the horror descended on this island as Agent K and his men shoot those students down.

On the other hand, Imari-chan and most of the branch school students are a-okay. Let’s hope that they survive after this episode!

While we’re at it, Rito Tsukimi has returned to not only protect her student but to unleash hell with her Level 4+ Blaze. Yeah, she’s still bat-shit insane!

Anyways, both Tsukimi and the students managed to hold-off the opposition. However, where’s Agent K?

Oh look, there he is! It seems that he sneak himself to the headmistress’s room so he can nab Sakuya Tsukumo to his boss, Equipment Smith.

Of course, he has to get pass his former target Lilith Bristol, which he successfully knocked her out and nabbed the headmistress to his yacht. C’mon, Agent K’s escape has to be classy!

So it’s up to both Thor and Yulie to rescue Sakuya Tsukumo and bring Agent K down to his knees. Sound simple, right?

Nope, not a chance as Agent K is wearing a powered suit underneath his bulky armor. Oh yeah, and his suit can withstand any Level 1 or 2 Blaze attacks. Heck, Agent K can beat a Duo without a sweat!

And so, Tohru Kokonoe took a knife to his left shoulder and he’s being stomped by Agent K so hard that Yulie got angry!

Yeah, she’s gone berserk that a violent aura is surrounding her. Never mess with Yulie Stigtuna when someone close to her got hurt pretty bad!

Anyways, Yulie defeated Agent K and forced him to retreat. Afterwards, she and Thor saved Headmistress Tsukumo and this story arc is over!

What can I say, I’m glad that Imari Nagakura has returned and she’s alive after this episode. However, I think she won’t be returning for next week’s episode!

As for these two, they need to become stronger in order not to see someone dying because of their weakness and their past trauma.

Speaking of Tohru Kokonoe, he sure needs to become stronger so he can have a girlfriend. I’m disappointed that he rejected Miyabi Hotaka’s confession last episode!

Oh yeah, and to end this post, here’s Equipment Smith as he’s responsible for making those “Unit” powered suits that Agent K wears on this episode. By the way, it’s a lame name for a powered suit!

Meanwhile, I was wondering what happened to Miyabi Hotaka after being rejected?

Oh, seems that she was invited by Equipment Smith! Oh shit, I smell trouble on the next story arc!

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