Kantai Collection Episode #09

“What? Yuudachi is evolving!”

“Congratulations! Your Yuudachi evolved into Yuudachi Kai Ni!”

Wait, you’re telling me that she’s not wearing clothes? Silly me!

Okay, there she goes with new uniform and all. In any case, Yuudachi has been remodeled into her new form! Now if only Yuudachi Kai Ni quoted some of Anavel Gato’s lines from Gundam 0083…

On the other hand, seems that the admiral have decided to put Fubuki back to the Naval District as she’s not yet ready to join Operation MO, which most of the fleet girls (sans Fubuki) will participate to deliver one devastating blow to the Abyssal Fleet.

But the operation was eventually cancelled and ordered to girls to pull out as our ghost admiral realized that stationing the likes of Nagato and the Kongou sisters at Hotel Yamato isn’t a good idea, leaving the Naval District subjected to enemy attacks.

Well, gotta say that our admiral gone senile because of his oversight that he went missing after the Naval District was attacked!

Speaking of the Abyssal Fleet, one of the Wo-class Carrier is going for Fubuki’s head after her humiliating defeat back in Ep. 7. See her blazing left eye of vengeance? I’m sure she’s very pissed apart from emulating Black ★ Rock Shooter!

Anyways, the only thing Fubuki would stand a chance against a pissed-off Wo-class Carrier is to undergo remodeling. Can’t wait for next week’s episode about her transformation!

On another note, seems that the wreckage of the Battleship Musashi has been recently found by Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen.

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