Aldnoah.Zero Episode #21

Are you ready for Round 2? I’m sure you are ’cause Inaho and his squad will kick those three Orbital Knights’ asses on this episode! I’m hoping that his left eye would be okay after this!

Anyways, let’s introduce to both Countess Raffia and Count Sebring as both of them combine their strength of their respective Kataphrakts, Skandia and Elektris…

…to form a formidable threat to the United Earth Forces that uses both invisibility and electric manipulation.

While their combination is sure menacing, the downside is that Skandia’s invisibility is useless when Elektris shoot lightning which give their position to the United Earth Forces. Speaking of Elektris, its electric field won’t work on objects with the same electrical potential (I have to say that it’s getting a bit technical on this battle).

With that said, Inaho destroyed the Elektris simply by letting his KG-6 Sleipnir have the same electrical potential as the enemy Kataphrakt, all while the rest wrecked Skandia as its cloaking device is already useless at this point!

With two Orbital Knights down, there’s only one knight left to defeat. And by the way, it’s a tricky one as Count Orga is very hard to deal with thanks to his cloning Kataphrakt Ortygia!

Oh, and don’t try to find the real one as Orga’s Ortygia and its clones are considered genuine Kataphrakts and not just half-assed clones made by a single one.

So therefore, the only way to destroy the Ortygia is shoot them down simultaneously, which strained Inaho’s left eye just by controlling numerous KG-7 Areions from his squad in order to defeat the last Orbital Knight.

But with that, this battle is over. Of course, the Deucalion crew will have another mission on hand as they’ll head towards Vers Empire… or so it seems!

Meanwhile, Princess Asseylum has decided to step out of hiding and convince Slaine to stop the conflict. But it’s not a very good idea in the first place…

…as she encountered Princess Lemrina as she’s about to kill her half-sister. But then, Count Slaine Troyard apprehend both princesses as he’s busy invading Earth!

Damn, it would be nice if Count Mazuurek help Asseylum and Eddelrittuo escape, but it didn’t happen…

Anyways, I’ll end this post with a new character introduced. This Orbital Knight named Count Klancain is Count Crutheo’s son, but I wonder if he inherited his late father’s fanatic racism? I can’t wait for that!

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