Absolute Duo Episode #10

After last week’s episode, Tohru is determined to get stronger in order to save lives instead of losing them. As for Tomoe though, she’s sad that Miyabi didn’t return.

So here’s the new arc and while our main protagonist and Yulie are grinding themselves to become Level 3, there’s an easier way to go past Level 3.

And that’s taking the Level 4 Rite of Sublimation as Sakuya Tsukumo offers it to Thor due to his heroic acts in Ep. 9. However, Tohru will have to think about the offer as Kokonoe-kun feared about losing control of his powers and slaughter everyone, just like what happened to his trauma.

Really Tohru, Sakuya Tsukumo wants nothing more than having an Absolute Duo on Kouryou Academy so don’t waste the opportunity and become Level 4! Besides, what’s holding you back is your goddamn trauma. That horrific event of yours should motivate you to become stronger!

Meanwhile, Equipment Smith appears during the Reign Conference where all of the representatives have eighth-grade syndrome monikers like Blaze Diabolica and Grave Phantom. Not gonna complain about that or anything since having “chuuni” title is so silly!

Anyways, Equipment Smith offered an alliance to Sakuya Tsukumo in order to achieve Absolute Duo together. However, the headmistress declined his offer and look how his right hand is shaken in defeat!

So, Equipment Smith did the best thing… He send Agent K and his soldiers to Kouryou Academy and kill the students like last time. For some reason, I think the academy should ramp up security in my opinion!

Anyways, next week will have a killing game between Equipment Smith’s rebel army and Sakuya Tsukumo’s students!

Oh, and it’s not just Agent K and his grunts will take on Kouryou Academy…

…as Miyabi Hotaka joins the party. Look at her eyes, she’s emitting those yandere tendencies!

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